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Bathinda Public Library

Project Type: Library

Size: 54,825 sqft

Location: Bathinda

Status: Entry shortlisted as top 10

This library is envisioned as a community space promoting learning through reading of books and exchange of ideas among people. During the design development stage, a site context - sensitive solution has been developed ensuring the building has a positive impact on the surroundings and community. This proposal ensures ecology of the site is not damaged, as all existing trees have been retained and the building designed around it. Portion of the building housing the library block has been raised from the ground to ensure easy accessibility for the user from different sides. The library opens up to vast green spaces on all directions creating a calm and soothing environment for the reader. Consequentially lifting of the library block also frees up space on the ground for public gathering spaces such as co-working spaces, bookstore and cafe. An additional multi-functional exhibition space has also been proposed within the library which acts as a platform for people to share their ideas and mould their ideologies.

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