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Meet The Team
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Harman Bumrah

Co-founder & Design associate

Graduated as an architect from School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi in the year 2015. He pursued his internship in Sri Lanka under K+DS  associates and went on to gain his work experience in Co.Lab design studio located in Delhi. His problem solving attitude coupled with an outgoing nature is a strong fit for the office. Harman also has a sarcastic sense of humor which he often uses while advising people, indirectly nudging them in the right direction. He has a passion for cooking and can be found concocting up some of the most tedious, lip smacking and inventive dishes during the weekend. He loves to enjoy his meals with his wide collection of unhinged movies and TV series. 


Jagbir Singh

Co-founder & Design associate

Pursued his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur and completed his internship under Matharoo associates where he refined his architecture ideology. He went on to hold the position of Architect at M:OFA studio followed by Co.Lab design studio  in Delhi for a span of 3 years. On a day to day basis you can find Jagbir thinking deeply about ideas to explore and stitching stories around those ideas . He spends first half of the day at his workspace and the other half in the office garden expressing love for his favorite plants. With his casual humming and lack of lyrical   expertise he ruins other people's favorite songs.

Priyadarshini Nanda

Priyadarshini Nanda

Design Research associate

Received her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur and  Master’s degree in Building Technology from Delft University of Technology, Netherlands. She has worked with Netherlands based NGO Simba for a design proposal of a sustainable Safari Park located in Iran. Priya has also gained experience working on designs of high rise apartment and commercial complexes while interning for Kuwait Engineering Office in Kuwait. She has worked as an Architect for PVA in Delhi and Assistant professor in Jammu University and Guru Nanak Dev University. She also happens to be the snack dealer of the office and can be often found munching during the day. 

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Gurkaran Veer Singh

Former Junior Architect

Pursued his Bachelors in Architecture from Maharaja Ranjit Singh University, Bathinda.  

Gurkaran has been an integral ingredient of the studio and is very perceptive of even the tiniest details around his daily life. His dealing with every situation with an offbeat perspective, is found to shape the frequent out of the box conversations in the studio. He doesn't eat most of the vegetables that humans do.

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Sravan Suresh

Former  Intern

Is currently studying architecture at the College of Architecture in Trivandrum. In his quest to explore various places, he's discovered a deep passion for gaming that sometimes eclipses his love for architecture. When it comes to his favorite dish, butter chicken, it's safe to say he won't be reaching for mouthwash afterward. While he can easily go without his mobile phone, you'll never find him sleeping without playing on his laptop. As for languages like Hindi and Punjabi, they might as well be from another planet in Sravan's world.

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Sanjoli Mangal

Former Intern

Meet Sanjoli Mangal, a dedicated student on a creative journey, currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree at the University School of Architecture and Planning, Delhi. She has an enchanting knack for drawing intricate Mandalas, transforming paper into mesmerizing works of art. 

Sanjoli is the "lightkeeper of Sifti," as she illuminates the office space at evenings, Literally. But what really sets Sanjoli apart is her spirited rivalry with lizards, a humorous and unique quirk that adds a touch of whimsy to her personality. 


Manthan Jariwal

Former Intern

Is currently pursuing his Bachelors in Architecture from Maharaja Ranjit Singh University, Bathinda.

He is a passionate and curious learner with good drawing skills. Whenever any food item disappears from the office pantry, We are sure it has gone inside his elephant size stomach.


Smit Bharat Pipaliya

Former Intern

An intuitive 4th year Architectural apprentice from SCET, Surat is a keen learner and avid enthusiast. He has a good eye for architectural details and is hardworking.

He's an amalgamation of good drawing skills and imbibes new age vegetarian beliefs , categorizing every boneless meat as vegetarian.

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