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Folly at Airport road junction

Project Type: Sculptural

Size: sqft

Location: Amritsar

Status: Completed in 2020

This project has come up in association with the Amritsar airport Authority and Ficci Flo NGO

Designed with the idea of preserving the existing Champa tree the concentric landscape is inspired by the Ficci Flo logo, which is evident when viewed from the bird’s eye view. The Champa tree acts as the focal point that is encased by the surrounding walls, inviting more attention to the tree. Walls are built using local terracotta tiles, an inherent material used in the vernacular architecture of Amritsar. This design is a blend of, An ode to the empowerment of women and a regard for the local architectural elements. The Champa tree stands tall as a depiction of a woman who is nurtured and empowered growing into a beautiful flowering tree capable of providing shade in its future.

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