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House Petrichor

Building Type: Private Residence

Size: 2800 sqft

Location: Amritsar

Status: Completed in 2022

This residence is a clever , self aware house . It stays true to its nature and uses it's context to its advantage. Also uses every inch of the space smartly. Situated in a densely urbanized area this residence  shares a wall with circuit house. With a humble space and scope for a green open space the residence is open to the South direction to increase views and light. A little open area helps to blur the line between the residence and back side of the circuit house producing an illusion of a bigger space.

The residence stays true to its nature doesn't shy away from it's exposed masonry and structural elements rather wears it as a crown.

Its kitchen is placed at 45 degree to house parking for a car.  Master bedroom and living space open to the open garden.

The first floor comes with a great addition of a terrace garden and balconies opening to green space.

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