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Perennial House

Building Type: Private Residence

Size: 3000 sqft

Location: Amritsar

Status: Completed

This residence is adjoined by plots on three sides and faces a single-lane road on the fourth side. So the house has been designed in a such a way that it looks within to get green views and ample lighting. This also helps to escape the heat because most of the windows are opening towards the courtyard. 

The house feels open, speaks boldly with its volumes but still feels grounded, feels like home. This happens because of strategic masses, material selection, and play of light.

The curve wall not only helps to obstruct glare from south with its one and a half brick thick rat trap bond but also contains a tree in the front yard of the house as its center. It makes the house feel more open and allows a humble terrace garden and a sit-out area at the terrace.It also directs movement from the front yard to the side courtyard through the entry door.

 After entering you are greeted by a double-height space and a rectangular courtyard spilling  ample amount of light in the daytime. The interior space is grounded by exposed brick walls and Jaisalmer stone flooring and magical light coming into the dining and kitchen area.

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