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Porous House

Project Type: Private Residence

Size: 4100 sqft

Location: Amritsar

Status: Completed

The site is an open-plot medium-size urban dwelling with a drawback of compromised privacy due to the arrangement of plots around the site. In order to overcome this, the house is designed such that the views of the house are inward facing their own lush green spaces. These courtyards also have a benefit of creating a micro-climate within the house. The concept ensures the porosity of the house with the street in front is retained. 

Porous house discovers the idea of passive ventilation and natural light from different directions and voids, keeping the interiors cool during summers. After sundown when the interior space is lit-up, the facade appears like a lantern.


Lime plastered screen acts as a filter for the house which allows cool breeze to penetrate through the house in summers. The screen and the plants in between act as a cooler allowing the residents to enjoy their connection with nature. Family lounge in the center of the house helps in dividing the private functions from the public. The split slab above allows the sunlight to enter the space from east.

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