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Talaab House

Building Type: Residential

Size: 3,600 sqft

Location: Taran Taran

Status: Ongoing

Through an iterative design process, our firm strives to embody four fundamental principles: creativity, sustainability, efficiency, and significance. We approach each design challenge with a creative mindset, aiming to produce simple yet distinctive works translated through architectural form, spatial structure, materials, and spatial technology. By playing with the volume and geometry of built forms, we seek to bring light in mystical ways, creating unique experiences for visitors to our buildings. Our occupant-centric design approach prioritizes sustainability, considering factors like surrounding environment, weather conditions, and material availability to create spaces that offer comfort and opportunities for enjoying the surroundings.


Designed for a client deeply engaged in organic farming on their 10-acre property. This Ecoconscious
dwelling integrates seamlessly with the client’s agricultural passion, featuring a 3600 sq. ft. pond for rainwater collection and zero-waste rammed earth walls constructed using excavated soil from the site. The incorporation of flat domes in the roofing design not only showcases local artisans’ skill but also signifies a significant stride toward sustainable construction methods. Through precise brick-laying techniques, we achieved a remarkable 65% reduction in cement usage for the roof slab, sparing 1.1 tons of steel and minimizing the project’s environmental impact. Collaborating with local masons, we honored traditional craftsmanship while ensuring flawless execution.

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