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Vault House

Building Type: Private Residence

Size: 6000 sqft

Location: Amritsar

Status: Complete

Nestled on a north-facing site adorned with mature trees, Sifti Design Studio’s recently completed project—a serene retreat tailored for a retired couple—evolved as a testament to harmonizing architectural elements with lush greens surrounding it. The design maximizes the potential of the existing trees on the east side, giving rise to a gracefully articulated, long L-shaped garden that seamlessly integrates with the north and east facades, creating a verdant haven.


With a program that isn't overly complex, The designers seized the opportunity to infuse the residence with double-height cutouts, fostering dynamic visual connections between different spaces. The two-story dwelling features strategically placed cutouts in the slab floor, enhancing the interplay between the ground and the first floor. A defining feature of the house is the majestic 45-foot-long vaulted roof that gracefully extends from the front facade to the interior living spaces, concluding at the southern terrace. This southern vault not only bathes the entire house in a cascade of natural light throughout the day but also orchestrates a harmonious play of sunlight during both winter and summer seasons.


The master bedroom, a sanctuary within the retreat, is thoughtfully positioned to enjoy a personal courtyard on one side, complemented by the presence of the long green courtyard adorned with existing trees on the other. The front facade stands as a visual spectacle with its stone rubble cladding and a lush green plantation in the foreground, creating an idyllic setting. A semi-circular cutout in the driveway not only invites natural light but also serves as a poetic introduction to the play of double-height cutouts and voids that artfully frame captivating views of the landscape, sunlight, and rain.


Designed to forge an intimate connection with nature, the residence provides ample space for the couple’s grandchildren to play and relax. Furthermore, it caters to extended family gatherings, featuring a study and living space that is artfully divided by a wooden library cabinet. This design choice strikes a delicate balance between privacy and integration with public spaces. The book collection housed within the cabinet is visible from the outside, enhancing the interactive and welcoming ambiance of the residence.


The carefully curated neutral color palette, punctuated with artwork and furniture, creates a minimal yet playful aesthetic. The kitchen is strategically positioned, blending into the overall space while discreetly concealed from the living room, respecting the preferences of the homeowners. Outdoor porches act as transitional zones, establishing a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor realms. The various scales of outdoor areas promote a slow living experience, inviting gatherings of different sizes for extended family events.


Adding a touch of grandeur, the curved wall in the drawing-cum-dining area serves as a focal point at the entrance, guiding the viewer toward the main door. This design element not only enhances the entrance experience but also creates a fluid connection between the driveway porch and the green front lawn, contributing to the overall cohesion of the architectural elements.


In essence, this residence stands as a living canvas where modern living harmonizes effortlessly with nature—a thoughtful celebration of multi-generational family interactions and a sanctuary for the retired couple to live, interact, and relish life's precious moments.

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